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LM-212 PA 32 W 212 Single Ended Mono Amplifiers  


Description ▴

In order to guarantee the durability of this exceptional tube, a sophisticated mechanical system protects it from shocks when not in use. The input stage tube is 310A specially manufactured for and by Line Magnetic. The restoration is ensured by a 274B. The tubes 310A and 274B are of origin PSVANE series WE. The capacitors are of the following origin: « Top grade » RTX series from Muliticap (USA), Jensen (Denmark), Mundorf Mcap (Germany), Nichicon (Japan), All wired in the air for the most part is the guarantee of exemplary reliability.

Product Specifications ▾

Class A amplifier
Power 1x32W
THD 1% (1kHz)
Signal/Noise ratio 87dB (Weighted A)
Frequency response 15 – 35,000 Hz (-1.5 dB)
Sensitivity 1000 mV
Input Impedance 100KΩ (RCA) et 600Ω (XLR)
Load impedance 4/8/16Ω
Connectors 2x Line inputs RCA (2×1)
1x Input XLR (1×1)
1x Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs

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