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Enigma Veyron MP 1000
Mono Power Amplifier

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Description ▴

Above and beyond imagination has always been the core value of Kharma, resulting in one of the most revolutionary systems, the Enigma Veyron system. Combining superior technology with years of experience. The Enigma Veyron collection consists of loudspeakers, cables and wide band linear power amplifiers, as well as an app controlled subwoofer and massive power distributors and a diamond suspended audio rack.

The Enigma Veyron MP1000 is place in a beautiful engineered audio rack with 38 mm thick aluminium plates. Although the construction sounds massive, the MP1000 is decoupled from the surroundings by a minimum contact surface created with Carborundum balls placed on Diamonds. The combination of the hardness, shape and acoustical properties of the materials used, realize the ultimate freedom of resonances.

Product Specifications ▾

Circuit Linear Amplifier Technology
Rated power 400 Watt at 8 Ohm, 800 Watt at 4 Ohm
Peak power 2700 Watt
Frequency range 4 Hz – 200 kHz
Output impedance 0 Ohm


Input impedance 10 kOhm
Damping factor Infinite
THD + N -120 dB
IMD -120 dB
Input connections XLR or RCA
Output connections Spades


Height 388 mm / 15.28 inch
Depth 600 mm / 23.62 inch
Width 610 mm / 24.02 inch
Nett weight 175 kg / 385 lb

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