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SXR Series


Description ▴

The SXR Audio Stand was developed based on technical concepts and technology derived from our reference level MXR Audio Stand frames. The SXR frame system combined with Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Bases eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. The modular frame concept is manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum with a resonance control system. The highly acclaimed HRS Isolation Bases load directly into the SXR frame as the shelf system. The SXR frame optimizes Isolation Base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The SXR frame system is completely modular and can be expanded vertically or horizontally at any time. It is available in a 1V (amp stand) configuration and up to an infinite number of bays for larger systems. The SXR Audio Stand can be reconfigured, expanded or contracted at any time by acquiring the additional parts of the system needed to make the desired changes.

Product Specifications ▾

Model Number Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Isolation Base Size
VXR-1921-1V 26.6″ X 19.0″ X 7.5″ 21″ W 19″ D
VXR-1921-2V 26.6″ X 19.0″ X 20.0″ 21″ W 19″ D
VXR-1921-3V 26.6″ X 19.0″ X 32.5″ 21″ W 19″ D
VXR-1921-4V 26.6″ X 19.0″ X 45.0″ 21″ W 19″ D
VXR-1921-5V 26.6″ X 19.0″ X 57.5 21″ W 19″ D
VXR-1719-1V 24.6″ X 17.0″ X 7.5″ 19″ W 17″ D
VXR-1719-2V 24.6″ X 17.0″ X 20.0″ 19″ W 17″ D
VXR-1719-3V 24.6″ X 17.0″ X 32.5″ 19″ W 17″ D
VXR-1719-4V 24.6″ X 17.0″ X 45.0″ 19″ W 17″ D
VXR-1719-5V 24.6″ X 17.0″ X 57.5″ 19″ W 17″ D

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