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EXR Series


Description ▴

This true-performance, cost-effective design, provides extensive system configuration flexibility and infinite modularity at a lower price point than any of our HRS Audio Stands. “The EXR is a very innovative, high-performance audio stand system design with unprecedented performance value, modularity, customization (size and configuration), and upgrade options. You can even convert from an EXR Audio Stand System to a SXR, SXR Signature, or SXRC Audio Stand model in the future while preserving a majority of original system purchase price.”

Product Specifications ▾

Available in a black or silver anodized finish. On the silver EXR Audio Stand, the sides and the back of the shelf are a black finish.

Custom sizes are available in 9.5”, 15”, 19”, 21”, 23”, and 25” width with any customer-specified depth, making this your most affordable stand for almost any component.

Component spacing on the EXR Audio Stand is available in 6″, 8”, 10”, or 12″; as well as custom component spacing of 14″, 16″, and 18″

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