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E1X Series


Description ▴

The E1 Isolation Base is a highly innovative design that eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is made from four different materials including a resonance control stage. The E1 Isolation Base is initially configured at HRS to optimize the performance of a specific component and can be modified in your home to optimize the performance of a different component at any time. The E1 Isolation Base is designed with a machined billet aluminum front trim, an exclusive HRS constrained layer damping plinth system, and extra thick pressed resin fabric composite top and bottom plates. The top surface of the non-resonant high-density plinth also features an anti-scratch coating applied to the outer surface to preserve the integrity of the finish. The low-profile design (3 inches high) also minimizes space requirements and keeps your system’s visual focus on the components you’ve selected.

Product Specifications ▾

Model Number Dimensions
Inch (cm)
lbs. (Kg
1419 19″ X 14″ X 3″
(48,3 X 35,6 X 7,6)
21 LB
1719 19″ X 17″ X 3″
(48,3 X 43,2 X 7,6)
26 LB
11,8 KG
1921 21″ X 19″ X 3″
(53.3 X 48.3 X 7.6)
32 LB
14,5 KG
1923 23″ X 19″ X 3″
(58,4 X 48,3 X 7,6)
35 LB
15,9 KG
2123 23″ X 21″ X 3″
(58,4 X 53,3 X 7,6)
39 LB
17,7 KG

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