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Description ▴

PLEASE NOTE: All loudspeakers are now sold as individual units. PRICE PER UNIT.

The Sub Utopia EM Colour Evo is the last building block of the Utopia III Evo range and the logical follow-up to the ultimate multi-channel reference speaker Viva Utopia Colour Evo.

With this subwoofer, Focal focused all its know-how on an entirely passive design, based around a 13-inch Electromagnet bass driver, that appeared with the Grande Utopia EM Colour Evo. An ideal complement to the Viva Utopia Colour Evo, this subwoofer can be used with any model of the range, including the Grande Utopia EM Colour Evo.

Product Specifications ▾

Type Stackable passive subwoofer
Speaker drivers Electro-Magnetic 13″ (33cm) “W” bass
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 22Hz – 500Hz
Low frequency point – 6 dB 19Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) 93dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Minimum impedance 5.5 Ω
Recommended amplifier power 500 – 1,000W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 634 x 483 x 622mm
Net weight (with grille) 158.5lbs (72kg)

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