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516SL- Genium Line

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Description ▴

Designed for consummate listening enjoyment in a residential setting. Genium has it all: the perfect combination of sound, design and features. For the highest demands. Features an installation area, claddings, a rear panel and an optional drawer.

Rear panel with installation area
Enables “invisible” cable routing, poses a protection from dust, and makes cleaning easy. After the installation is completed, the back panel is closed. The wiring is hardly visible from the front of the rack.

Decoupling of the Wiring
Minimizes interference to the cabling, clearly improving the playback quality of your electronics. Dissipates micro-vibrations through the floor.

Product Specifications ▾

Outer dimensions


700, 1180 or 1700 mm


650, 775, 900 or 1025 mm

DEPTH 528 or 687 mm

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