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The Auditorium 23 Denon 103 step-up transformer is an unassuming looking little gadget that is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It is a straightforward design with two small transformers housed in its small aluminum chassis and equipped with rhodium-plated RCA connectors front and rear. There is a green ground wire that marks the input side of the transformers that can be attached to your phono stage (or not). That’s about it.

The magic about the Aud 23 tranny can’t be discerned by what you see on the outside. Its plain exterior cloaks the magic within, its true essence the time-consuming research & development that Keith put into finding just the right transformer to match the Denon 103 and give it that musically realistic sound he craves. The result has to be heard & felt to be fully appreciated, but of course I’ll do my best to give you a flavor of what to expect, alas merely in a nutshell today to retain the good stuff for the Garrard Project 2 installment.

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